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Endless Performance


Endless Perfomance
Endless Perfomance
Rotterdamseweg 402 A2 2629 HH Delft


04 Sep 2021


09:00 - 18:00

8 year! Anniversary and team competition!

Our 8 year Anniversary!
Anniversary and team competition!

The date is 4-9-2021!

The competition is a team competition 2 guys, 2 girls all ages allowed!
After the competition we have food drinks and a party to celebrate our anniversary.

If you want to join the party subscribe separately click here

This week you can register throughout the website, note team name and members and if you join the party after.

We hope that a lot of you keep this date open and register throughout the website, we are looking forward to this day!!.
Saturday 4th of September we will organize a team competition, teams will have two males and two females from all ages.

Register all individuals and team name!

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